Design Renderings

While the first step in any design is ideation, that stems from passion. Having a keen understanding of automotive design, and the history of automobiles, Etrick Art is able to focus on exceptional forms that our clients will love, and are embraced for generations to come. Mike Etrick works in concert with automotive designers that have built a reputation for outstanding achievements. Although the mediums might vary from designer to designer, the process is similar. Initially, numerous sketches are proposed. Once a direction has been approved, the renderings are more detailed. The design renderings are providing the starting point for the 3-dimensional phase to start.

Clay Modeling

Using time tested automotive design industry practices, the same used in nearly all production and concept cars, Etrick Art sculpts each initial design with the same clay, tools, and products that are indispensable in producing full-size car design models. The methodology allows for unlimited changes and refinement in a 3-dimensional medium, allowing the naked eye to see this in a manner that can’t be replicated with computer generated design. Once completed, molds are made off of the clay, and then a fiberglass/epoxy prototype is produced. This allows even further definition and refinement. Once completed, this is used for digital scanning.

The Final Product

Utilizing the digital data from the scan, Etrick Art uses state-of-the-art milling to cut a solid block of billet aluminum to the proper dimensions with an exceedingly high-level of precision. This is then hand-finished and polished over the course of dozens of hours. The aluminum being used is dense enough to allow for an impressive level of finish and a gleaming, reflective shine unlike nearly anything else. Lastly, the graphics, limited edition number, and Mike Etrick’s signature are etched into the base. From the initial sketches to buffing out the polished metal, the artwork involves hundreds of hours of design considerations and craftsmanship to finally arrive at these exceptional sculptures.

Design sketches and renderingsClay modeling the designs6-axis milling of solid, billet aluminum