Etrick Art Prints

Enhancing nearly any environment, the Etrick Art Prints illuminate residential areas, offices, automotive collections, and spaces where enthusiasts relax and appreciate a remarkable art piece. High-resolution images of the sculptures are masterfully bonded to metal backing. The results of this process are akin to the reflections radiating off of the 3-D sculptures. Additionally, any image found on the Etrick Art web site can be requested as a print!

Etrick Art appreciates your desire to own the best. To facilitate purchases, please use the web contact form and we will reach back to confirm your request. Etrick Art accepts payment via all major credit cards through or alternatively a wire transfer through All sales are subject to applicable tax and shipping costs, which will be added to the invoiced sales price.

  • Unique imagery
  • Radiant quality
  • The perfect gift
artful 2-D prints on metal capturing the essence of the sculptures.